Welcome to my site.

Once upon a time, many years ago, I was studying Psychology and planned on becoming a therapist. I had come up with the thought that we, as individuals, are a combination of who we were before, and who we are changing to become, 'ever becoming' someone new. I thought I might someday use that as my practice name.

I came from a background of graphic design, though psychology, art, and creativity, have always been in my nature. I used the term for what would become my personal site and posted my poems and stories for all to see while I worked my way to my new degree.

Things... did not go as planned, as many things in life. I fell out of Psychology, and have since transitioned through Film, and have recently returned to Graphic Arts. My site, which for a time was very creative and fun, designed in Flash, fell by the wayside as I fell into deeper and deeper depression. Since Flash's abandonment by the industry I have struggled to decide what to do with it.

And so here is my site, a bare skeleton, a simple framework to house who I once was, with the hope that someday it may become more.

If you'd like to view my most recent portfolio for graphic arts, let me know through Facebook.


A Rose of Crystal, 1988

Supernatural, 1988

Psyvamp, 1991

Soul, 1991

Cells and Prisons, 2000

New Me, 2000

Phoenix, 2000

Watching, 2000

Another Lunch Alone - or - The Counselor, 2001

Tribute, 2001 - Written for those lost in the towers.

A night of lost souls, 2003

She, 2003

Short Stories

Broadside, 1988 - The story of a young pirate, and the fate of another crew.

Earth's Only Hope, 1988 - The story of an astronought. I've heard many different interpretations of this.

The Horror in the Sea, 1988 - The terrible fate of a fishing vessel during an unexpected storm.

Worms, 1988 - The story of travelers, deep into the Earth.

Character Backgrounds / Origin stories

Tybalt Justice Constantine, 2000 - A character background for a game in Vampire: The Masqurade.

Zarmugry, 2000 - Another character background for a game in Vampire: The Masqurade.

A Song of Woe, 2016 - A character background for a D&D character. (PDF)

Tail of a Tiny Dragon, 2017 - A character background for a D&D character, never used, incomplete. (PDF)

Zexxyth, Artifact Hunter, 2017 - Another character background for a D&D charcter, never used. (PDF)

Older game websites

EverQuest site, A site where I posted various thoughts and articles about my experiences playing EverQuest.

Gauntlet, A flash site which had information about a guild I was considering running during my time in World of Warcraft.

There were many previous versions of this site in Flash format. I don't know if that is still viewable at all, but if it is, here is a short listing. If I ever find a way to view them I may add more details. All I remember is they changed style and animations with most revisions, and my favorite was an earlier one with an Egyptian theme, where there was a scarab that caused the transitions.

Version; One, Two, Two F, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven.

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