New Me

The New Me for the new millennium,
That's what I've been telling myself.

These past few years,
A slow decay of what once was.

The time has not healed what I expected,
Instead leaving wounds open making there presence plain.

When the decay started so many years ago,
I hoped, dreamed, and logically rationalized, it would all go back to what it was in time.

It did not.
Time changed, I changed, and things followed a different path.

Now, in the final days, all is changed.
Both as opposite as I expected, and exactly as it should be.

No more do I wait on dreams and wishes.
I move forward as me, knowing they will come when it is the right time.

No more am I lost in a false world.
I am the student, on the path I was originally destined for.

With the new millennium,
There will come a new me.

A me who knows who he is,
What he wants, and how to achieve it.

I am firm in my resolve,
And clear in my direction.

I step forward with time and my life.
I step forward with more caution, more assuredness, clearer than I have ever been.

Everything I had built until now, gone.
And yet, with that emptiness comes a purity and freedom to bring forth something new.

The New Me for the new millennium.
Moving forward unhindered by rules and expectations of the past.

Yet some things of the past remain.
For that which came before, defines us.

But always now will I move forward with the clarity of the lone star in the night.
Knowing that I may be alone, I may not,
But all that matters is that what I do will light the way for some.
But most importantly that I am.

Copyright Eric Stryker, July / 2000, 2001