Welcome to this, Zarmugry page. Zarmugry not know what page mean. Page to Zarmugry young helper, or paper. This neither. Zarmugry not understand. *shakes his head*

Zarmugry old. First he was page himself, long ago during the crusades. Zarmugry serve a great knight, The One.

One terrible day The One fell in battle. Zarmugry tend his wounds, but it not help *shakes head*

One day, The One dies. Zarmugry and friends, bury him. Very sad *sniff*

Soon after, plague cross the land, Zarmugry get very sick. Zarmugry fell into a deep sleep.

One night, Zarmugry wake up, there was The One *amazed*. Zarmugry not understand, but The One said he had made Zarmugry better again. So Zarmugry could serve The One "for all time". Zarmugry very happy *smiles*

Sadly though, many years later, Zarmugry and The One were at a war together again. Sadly became separated. Zarmugry not find The One. Lost. Zarmugry hide on the battlefield. Hid for many months. Each night Zarmugry look for The One, but never find.

Zarmugry eventually get hungry. Sleep in nice dark place. Slept long time. Much longer than Zarmugry expect.

When Zarmugry wake up, town was where battlefield was. Zarmugry ask around, many hundred years had passed. Zarmugry very confused.

Zarmugry not understand.

Zarmugry seeks The One. Zarmugry likes to help others in their search.

Zarmugry is good helper.

Copyright Eric Stryker 2000, 2001