Another Lunch Alone -or- The Counselor

I sit alone, as always.
Day after day I see them pair up,
In friendship, in love, in support.
They don't need me in their lives

I am the shadow, the whisper in the dark.
I am the one they seek,
When they don't understand.

I am the one who shows them,
Pointing to the wound they could not find.
Now healed, they return to their lives.

I understand them,
better than they understand themselves.
Welcome for understanding.
Unwelcome for knowing too much.

I am the one who heals their pain,
The one they turn too in time of need.
Unnecessary at other times,
Simply a reminder of the pain.

How little they realize,
The counselor has pain and needs too.
I live in pain to serve.

I sit alone for them.
Waiting to be called,
Waiting alone in pain,
Having no one of my own to turn to.

I live for them,
And that is all I must remember.

Copyright Eric Stryker 2001