who is She?
ive wondered more times than i can count
dark hair and silent eyes
i wonder what She is thinking about
so quietly She sits there
twice i see Her during my week
twice i watch Her silently and wonder

should i approach Her?
tell Her how beautiful i think She is
tell Her how rare it is
to find a girl that calms my spirit
yet stirs my passion
in the same moment
just by Her simply being near

i had 20 roses Valentines day
to give to attractive beautiful women
why did i hesitate with Her?
i regret it every time i see Her
too beautiful... too rare... i panicked
afraid because i know She must be taken
such beauty and youth would never be alone

but maybe, just maybe, She is
those who are so very beautiful
so very attractive
can be intimidating
sometimes presumed to be taken

so i will cautiously approach the Angel
and see if anything comes of that
leaving it to Her will
before She disappears from my sight
as then, it really would be too late

Copyright Eric Stryker 3 / 2003